door privacy screen

So I’m in college, and I have a roommate. And something I was thinking about was getting a privacy screen to hide the closet (gotta love dorms with no closet doors) and also act as a changing screen. I never got one because I never found one at a price that I liked, and it’d be hell to move it around with changing dorms every year.

I have, in the time I’ve been on pinterest, seen things made with old doors: combination coat racks/picture frames, wedding décor, the list goes on. So why not a privacy screen, like this ingenious one?

Though actually I’m going about this the wrong way. What really inspired me was this post about using fabric to add some “frost” to your windows for privacy. This links to the original post, from Manhattan Nest, which is a door with glass panes. SO my head jumped around and came to: privacy screen made of doors with panels and the panels covered in lace (because glass panels don’t really provide privacy, oddly enough).

With this post I’m actually adding a new tag, ‘for later,’ which is for projects like this that actually aren’t really feasible in my current poor, college student state. Maybe someday.

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